Best Gaming headphones under 1500 (Head to Toe Specifications)

Best Gaming headphones under 1500

Let's talk about the BEST Gaming Headphones under 1500

If you play video games or listen to music on the go, you should invest in a pair of gaming headphones. A majority of people don’t know what types of headphones are best for playing games and listening to music, but there are some the Best Gaming Headphones under 1500 that can make your gaming experience more immersive.

There are some games that can be frustrating. You might be tempted to take a break from playing by listening to music, or you might need headphones for gaming.

When looking for the best gaming headphones, it’s important to find a pair that offers –  durability, comfort, and sound quality.

If you’re interested in finding the best gaming headphones under 1500 that won’t break the bank, then you’re in luck with these options.

Most gamers also believe that sound is a very important part of a game and it can really help with the overall experience.

These assessments are true because if there was only one thing you could change about the game, it would be to make the sound better.

As a gamer, you need to have the best gaming headphones for your needs.

The best gaming headphones under 1500 will give you more than just a good sound quality because of their features like noise-cancellation technology and speaker adjustability.

Our team has researched the best 5 gaming headphones within the Rs.1500 budget.


What consists of the "Best" in Gaming Headphones Under 1500?

When choosing headphones for gaming, you should consider the sound quality, comfortability, design, bluetooth technology,battery backup usage, and budget. For better sound quality, choose a headphone with a unique signature.

Choosing the best gaming headphones can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know what you’re looking for in a pair of gaming headphones and where you should find them before you go shopping.

Gaming headphones are designed with specific activities in mind, so make sure you’re choosing the right pair that will keep up with your gaming needs.

There are three main types of gaming headsets: PC-based, console-based, or mobile-based.

When buying gaming headphones, it is recommended to look at what kind of features and reviews the headphones have.

  • Sound Quality

    The sound of quality is the most important thing when we deciding which gaming headphones under 1500 you should buy. There are so many different types of headphones, but if the sound quality isn't good then it doesn't really matter what type they are.

  • Bluetooth Technology

    The best wireless gaming headphones also need to have bluetooth technology so they can connect to your device, but not every type of Bluetooth will work with these headphones, so make sure you know what Bluetooth is compatible with your device before you purchase the headphones.

  • Battery Backup

    Good quality gaming headphones should have a long-lasting battery life, so you can concentrate on your game and not worry about the battery dying.

  • Comfortability

    Whether you are enjoying a movie on your computer or gaming on your console, quality headphones will make all the difference. A good pair of headphones will be easy to wear and provide an excellent listening experience.

  • Microphone

    Gaming headphones must be equipped with a microphone that allows for communication with other players without breaking immersion. These headphones have a mic that can connect to your phone, making it easier for you to take calls and not miss any important messages. The microphone eliminates background noise so the person on the other end can hear you clearly.

  • Voice Assistance

    Voice assistance has become a must-have feature in modern times. It make tasks like opening apps, selecting music and answering calls easier and also goes one step further by enabling hands-free control of the app. All these features are available on some headphones for gaming.

Here we go with the list of Best Gaming Headphones under 1500

A good pair of headphones is an essential item for all gamers. If a gamer enjoys playing games that rely heavily on sound, they are going to want the best gaming headphones they can find.

A good set of gaming headphones will allow you to hear your surroundings and aim accordingly, especially if you’re playing first person shooter games.

There are many choices in the market when it comes to gaming headphones. In order to save time and energy, we have provided a list of the top five gaming headsets in this article.

1.Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming wired over ear Headphone

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Wired Over Ear Headphones are made with quality in mind. The headphones have a reinforced cable that is designed to handle long-term use and braided for durability.

Not only do the headphones have a 30-day money back guarantee, but they also have a 2-year limited warranty.

 Cosmic Byte GS430 gaming headphones offer an immersive 3D sound experience. They provide you with deep bass, clear and crisp vocals, and a flat frequency response.

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming wired over ear Headphone gives you a flexible noise cancellation boom mic.

  • The perfect combination of audio from the front and back speakers creates a complete 360-degree sound field.

  • You can use these headphones for getting into the zone when gaming or listening to your favorite music at home.

  • It is one of the best gaming headphones in this niche. It is made with a highly durable material and has a tough neckband that you can use for walking, running and working out.

  • The headphone comes with four sets of ear tips and three sets of ear hooks for different sizes of ears.

2. Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones

The Redgear Cloak wired RGB gaming headphones are designed to deliver a superior quality audio experience.

They have high-quality 50mm drivers with a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 112dB. They also have a built-in microphone for communicating in multiplayer games.

The Redgear headphones come with a two-year warranty. The company also provides helpful troubleshooting and video tutorials to help you make the most out of your purchase.

Redgear offers its upgraded 3.5mm headset with RGB LED colors and noise-isolating memory.

The Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones with Microphone for PC has an omni-directional microphone, which allows you to communicate in any direction from your computer or console.

The microphone also includes a noise-canceling feature, which makes it easier to be heard.

  • The headset is ideal for gaming and music listening alike, as it provides the perfect balance of audio performance with comfort.

  • Additionally, the flexible ear cups let you move them and adjust them to fit your ears.

  • This gaming headset is also strapless and has a padded design for comfort during use.

  • The Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones are versatile enough to be used on multiple devices.

  • They have a microphone that allows you to chat while gaming, feature an in-line remote with mute and volume controls, and have a 15 hour long battery life.

WeCool Moonwalk M4 Gaming Headphones

The best quality is the sound quality. It has a 40mm driver and a 16Hz-20kHz frequency range which delivers great sound quality.

The earbuds also have a lot of features such as Bluetooth 4.1, 6 hours of battery life, Micro USB charging, water resistant design, built-in mic, microphone mute button and noise cancelling microphone.

This pair of truly wireless earbuds provide up to 8 hours of continuous playback. With a built-in smart touch control, you can answer calls, skip tracks, and adjust the volume all without touching the device.

They are powered by an easy-to-charge lithium battery that provides up to 10 days of standby time.

This pair of earbuds has an auto-switching mode that allows the user to switch between your music and gaming without having to do anything on your part.

The feature is activated by holding down the button on the headphone for a few seconds.

The earbuds will play music when it’s not in use, and switch to game mode automatically when you start playing a game.

  • These Moonwalk M4 Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds are some of the best earbuds on the market.
  • They offer an incredible sound quality and one touch activation on the right earpiece to take a phone call.

  • They also have a built-in microphone with noise canceling capabilities so they can be used while walking or running.

  • They come with a carrying case that you can use as a stand for viewing media on the go.

4. Ant Esports H520W World Of Warships Edition Wired Over Ear Headphones

Ant Esports H520W World Of Warships Edition Wired Over Ear Headphones are high quality headphones that feature a retro design.

They have a long-lasting battery and over-ear design, which is designed to fit comfortably around the user’s ears and prevent the headband from getting in the way of the ears.

These headphones also have a 30-foot cord, which is long enough for most people.

This headphone has an adjustable headband that will automatically adjust to your head’s size no matter how many times you wear it.

This way, it will always fit comfortably and the headphones won’t slip off of your head while in use.

  • These headphones have a noise-isolating design and are made for gaming and music. They are equipped with a soft leatherette ear cup that is perfect for long gaming sessions, which means that you don’t have to worry about them getting uncomfortable.

  • You can also rotate the ear cups on the H520W so that they can be folded up and put in your pocket or bag without getting tangled up.

  • The pros of the Ant H520W include connectability with all your devices and easy access to call, pause, play, and volume controls.

  • The earbuds are flexible so that there is no discomfort or pain after extended usage.

3. boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds with 42H Playtime

boAt earbuds are some of the best headphones out there. They come with a 42-hour battery life, and they can last up to two weeks on a single charge.

The quality is amazing because these headphones are truly wireless.

The boAt Airdopes are available with a one-year warranty that covers all parts, including the charging case. The company also offers replacement of the entire unit for a small fee.

BoAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds are equipped with 2 ENx TECHNOLOGY.

It also has a quick response-touch controller that allows the user to control everything with just one finger.

The boAt Airdopes feature a built-in voice assistant so that you can control your smartphone with just your voice. You can ask it to tune the radio, play songs, or change the volume.

  • BoAt AirDopes are a new type of wireless earbuds that have recently hit the market. They are some of the safest, most reliable wireless headphones on the market today.

  • They offer a battery life of up to 42 hours and their low-power Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection is powered by USB-C charging which can be done at any time, even while they are playing music.

  • The headphones also have a mic with noise cancellation that helps ensure that you’re always in communication with your friends or loved ones.

  • The boAt Airdopes have a charge time of just 1 hour. This is great for people who are constantly on the go and need to get things done in a hurry.

My Final Opinion about the above listed Best Gaming Headphones Under 1500

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that are comfortable, durable, and offer the best sound quality in the market, then you should consider buying a pair of gaming headphones.

With your daily routine likely to be filled with busy schedules, school/work, and lots of activities that could lead to injury if not protected by hearing protection; it’s important to get yourself a set that will offer the best quality sound.

Boat is one of many companies in the industry who offers an affordable yet powerful set of headphones.

Boat is a well-known brand that sells perfect gaming headphones. Boat has 4 different sizes of earbuds so everyone can find the perfect fit for their ears.

The headphones are also in open and noise cancellation mode for different environments.

The earbuds work with other Bluetooth devices like laptops and phones, but they also come with a headphone jack adapter to plug them into any device.

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